How to Kill Lice

To get rid of lice is far more complicated than most people understand before head lice becomes their problem. Most people who have never had a head lice infestation believe that simply using a lice killing shampoo will get rid of lice once and for all. In reality, studies have shown that only about 20 percent of the head lice of today can be killed by lice killing shampoo. After decades of using lice killing shampoo, using a shampoo poison is just the first step in getting rid of lice. 

After using a lice killing shampoo, 80 percent of the head lice will be left, and getting rid of those lice can take time. Some people find killing lice harder than others, and it may take several attempts, using a few different types of lice killing techniques before the head lice infestation is gone for good.                                                                           
 First, try a lice killing shampoo to get rid of head lice in as many numbers as possible. Then, choose one or two other methods of killing head lice to get rid of the rest. There are several different types of head lice shampoo that contain the poisons that are currently approved for killing lice. They vary in chemical makeup, but all of the head lice shampoo available in the U.S. have limited effectiveness because of an evolutionary tolerance built up by lice. 

There are also alternative methods to using lice poisons that can be more effective than using poisons. Many people find that a combined approach of using head lice poisons and one or two other methods can eradicate their lice problem for good. It is also possible to avoid lice shampoo poison all together and still get rid of lice.

To see the different types of head lice shampoo available, see the Lice Shampoo page available in the navigation bar to the left. For other ways to kill lice, see the other pages to learn about the various lice killing methods available. Good luck!
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