Mouthwash Lice Treatment

Mouthwash is a lice treatment that many people swear by. Though it may sound strange, mouthwash can temporarily calm the itching of a lice infestation, and the moisture of the mouthwash can aid in the removal of the lice. To use mouthwash as a lice remedy, put a towel around your shoulders, lean back and pour mouthwash slowly onto the front part of your hairline. This will allow the mouthwash to trickle backward throughout your hair. Be sure to keep the mouthwash away from the eyes.

Once the mouthwash is on your hair, there are two options for your lice treatment. The first is to soak the hair for about two hours in the mouthwash, using a plastic shower cap to keep the mouthwash on the hair. After two hours, take off the shower cap and wash the hair. Many people report that this work for them to get rid of lice. 

The second lice treatment option is to use the mouthwash as a soaking treatment to make it easier to comb out the lice. Studies have shown that using a lice comb is most effective when the hair is wet. One study actually showed that wetting the hair and using a lice comb is three times more effective than using lice shampoo. When using this option to kill lice, soak the hair in mouthwash and use a lice comb to carefully come through each strand of hair to get rid of lice.