Nit Spray

Getting rid of lice nits (eggs) is one of the hardest parts of killing lice. The eggs are tiny and almost clear. The lice attach them to the hair with a special glue that is difficult to dissolve. Shampoos, oils and lice poisons don't kill or get rid of the nits in most cases. They can be removed by very strict lice combing in order to remove them from each strand that they may be attached to.

As a general rule, lice will attach their eggs about a half inch from the scalp. If the lice infestation is a bad one, the eggs may be glued to other parts of the hair because of he sheer congestion of eggs. Some parents shave their son's head to less than half an inch in length in order to get rid of the eggs and make it difficult for any live lice to attach eggs to the hair.

How many eggs are there? You may not want to know. Each female louse can lay as many as 300 eggs per month. If you have a stubborn louse who is laying eggs, her 300 babies will soon hatch and begin to lay their own eggs. As you can see, nit removal is extremely important. 

To get rid of lice nits, there are several methods. The most direct methods is to have someone go through the hair thoroughly, pulling nits away with a lice comb or by hand. If there are a lot of nits, it can be extremely difficult to remove them all. Oiling the hair can make it easier to slide the nits away from the hair. And, to make it easier to find those nits, there is nit spray.

The principle behind nit spray is simple: make the eggs easier to see. Nit spray is sprayed lightly into the hair to dye the eggs a bright color to make them more visible. This makes them easier to find and to comb away with a lice comb. When using nit spray to kill lice eggs, make sure to begin with clean hair. The spray will make the eggs a bright color, but it will also dye any lint in the hair. This can make it less than effective for some people.