Tea Tree Oil Lice Treatment

Like the olive oil lice treatment, the tea tree oil lice treatment uses an oil to smother the lice. However, it can do other things as well. Tea tree oil is a substance that head lice can't stand. You can smother head lice with teat tree oil by leaving it on the head for eight hours, but it is also possible to use it for a shirt amount of time to loosen the lice from the scalp and to make it easier to to a lice comb to kill lice.

When exposed to a high concentration of tea tree oil, many lice will let go of the scalp in an attempt to get rid of the lice. To take advantage of this, apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the scalp. Lean the head backward while doing this in order to keep the tea tree oil form running into the eyes. It's important to keep tea tree oil away from the eyes because it is an eye irritant. Even when it is on the scalp and away form the eyes, it may bother the eyes of some people. Keep a towel handy to wipe the forehead in case any oil drips downward toward the eyes.

To suffocate the lice, put a plastic shower cap over the hair to keep the tea tree oil in place for eight hours. If it is uncomfortable or inconvenient to do this during the day, tighten the shower cap over the hair, place a towel over your pillow and sleep for eight hours with the tea tree oil in place.

To use the tea tree oil lice treatment to help dislodge lice, apply the tea tree oil to the scalp the same way. Allow the oil to sit on the scalp for about half and hour. Then, lean the head back and use a lice comb to comb lice out of the hair. A plastic or metal lice comb can be used, but avoid using an electric lice comb with tea tree oil.

Another benefit of using a tea tree oil lice treatment is that the oil is actually good for acne. While acne-prone people break out when using the olive oil lice treatment, the tea tree oil actually kills some of the bacteria on the skin, preventing pimples from forming.

After you have used tea tree oil, you will have to shampoo two to three times to remove the oil. You don't need any special shampoo to get the oil out. However, some people do add a few drops of tea tree oil into their shampoo to keep any surviving lice from latching onto the scalp.